A highly efficient system of collating, storing and accessing building information, documentation and health & safety,
from the design and construction stages, to handover and through all the life of the building.

What Do We Do?

We will collect and organise all the building technical information into a complete, easy-to-use modules which will be displayed on a password protected website for your own building users. Information collected could comprise various modules.

For everyone in the building:
- Emergency information regarding all the service terminations and their locations, fire drawings, evacuation plans.
- Health and safety in the building from the building stage to the building been occupied including health and safety policy.
- User information to operate the heating, cooling and lighting in the building, location of all meters and how to read them.

For facility managers:
- Manuals for all user equipment in building.
- All building drawings, as built drawing, engineering, site, electric, gas and water.
- Building manuals; all other information from the build phase up to date.
- Spare parts lists and suppliers.

For asset managers:
- Warranties and guarantees for all quipment.
- All service and maintenance agreements and a provider list.
- Leases and contracts

Who Is The Service Good For?

It’s good for all the people who are involved in building, running, maintaining and using the building.

This service is directed to Asset Managers and owners, CDM Managers, surveyors, architects, designers, project managers, health and safety providers, building contractors and facility managers.

Why Is It Good?

If you own or manage a building you are aware of the necessity to put your hand on any information relating to your building can be very time consuming, inefficient, and often, frustrating.

Information is safe and easily accessible by anyone involved in the building’s operation and management. When managers change, or are absent the handover can be very quick, easy and thorough.

A serious reduction in the cost of running a building by having all the information available at the click of a button from any location in the world.

Under the CDM Regulations 2007, it is a requirement following building works (new build; conversions; major re-furbs) to compile and maintain a Health & Safety File.

It’s a reliable way of transferring health and safety information to all employees, and keeping them updated. The information does not get shelved away; it’s always accessible.

We are experienced in this modern way of organising your building information so your building can be maintained, run efficiently, safely and cost-effectively, with minimal dependence on specific personnel.

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